About Ziad Barouni

Crafting Stories, Igniting Transformation

Embark on a journey of empowerment with Ziad Barouni, an international coach and seasoned expert in business storytelling, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship. Here’s a glimpse into the dynamic world that defines Ziad’s multi-faceted expertise:

🎭 Storytelling Maven

Immerse yourself in the art of storytelling with Ziad. As an alumnus and certified trainer from Deutsche Welle Akademie, Berlin, Ziad possesses over two decades of enriching business experience, complemented by a trail of honors and awards.

As your business coach, I’m all about sparking your success. Let’s make things happen! 🚀



🌍 Global Impact

Ziad’s influence extends across continents, collaborating with governments, corporations, and educational institutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. From the United Nations in Geneva to the Crown Prince Foundation in Jordan, his workshops and coaching sessions leave an indelible mark.

💡 Entrepreneurial Visionary

Experience the journey of a true entrepreneur. Ziad founded SnackableNews, a native advertising platform that clinched prestigious awards, including the Queen Rania Award for Entrepreneurship and the 1st Prize at the Dubai Social Media Influencers’ Summit 2015. His ventures also include Waleg, a pop culture site ranked among the world’s top 500 websites from 2005-2008.

🌱 Nurturing Innovation

Witness Ziad’s commitment to nurturing innovation through the ‘Just Start Innovating’ initiative, founded in 2017. This initiative empowers youth in rural areas, instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and unleashing their creative potential.

👨‍🏫 Academic Collaboration

Ziad collaborates with universities, incubators, and accelerators globally, coaching and mentoring students and startup founders. His passion lies in helping them build and tell engaging stories, fostering growth and scalability.

🎤 Fun and Engaging Workshops

Join Ziad in workshops that redefine learning. His sessions are not just about training; they are transformative experiences delivered in a fun and engaging manner. Unravel the complexities of business model creation, market analysis, and digital presence with zest and zeal.

🏆 Multifaceted Certifications

Explore the depth of Ziad’s expertise, certified in creative and critical thinking, online learning development, leadership, consultancy, innovation, pitching, and business storytelling.

Ready to unlock your potential? Connect with me, and embark on a transformative journey where stories become the catalysts for growth and success.

Ziad Barouni